The Truth About Social Media Influencers & How they earn money?

As social media platforms have become more popular, the idea of becoming a social media influencer has also grown.

Many people see social media influencers as people who have made a career by posting pictures and videos on Instagram or YouTube. However, there is more to being a social media influencer than just posting pretty pictures.

To be a successful social media influencer, you must have a large following of engaged fans interested in what you have to say.

A social media influencer is an individual with an established reputation in a particular field and access to a large audience with the ability to initiate individuals to behave based on their recommendations and ideas.

An influencer has the power and ability to impact the purchasing power of others because of their authority, knowledge, and position with their audience.

There are various social media influencers, from micro-influencers to mega influencers who are termed celebrities.

Types of Social Media Influencers: How to Find it Out

There are three categories of social influencers based on the number of followers they have and the impact they make.

  • Mega-Influencers are people who have over million-plus followers with at least 2% — 5% engagement per post. They are often referred to as celebrities as they are seen as a brand. 
  • Macro-Influencers: Macro-influencers are individuals with at least ten thousand followers and as high as one million followers on social media and can help promote a product or idea to a broader audience. They use their platform to spread the word about something they believe in, and their reach can be incredibly valuable. Some macro-influencers make money from sponsored posts or advertising deals, but others enjoy helping others learn about new products or ideas.
  • Micro-Influencers are everyday consumers with the following range between 500–10,000 followers with 25% to 50% engagement per content posted. Micro-influencers have the highest brand relevance among the types of influencers. Their influence is driven due to their personal experience with a brand and the strength of relationships with their networks. 

Do Social Media Influencers Influence our Behavior and impact society?

There are various ways influencers impact society irrespective of oversaturation issues, and genuinely, influencers positively impact the digital trend. 

Influencers can bring attention and awareness, mobilize people, and boost traffic to brand product/services webpages.

Because an influencer’s opinion is valuable and exciting to their followers, they help brands save marketing time and resources by creating valued content about the brand that appeals to their audience and engages them.

Social Media Influencers impact intending customers’ purchase intent and increase brand conversion rates.

A simple review made by an influencer can gain consumers’ trust and bring in sales.

It is alarming how social media is affecting and impacting us all.

Social influencing, primarily via social media, is one of the best ways to reach millennials and the next generation.

As a result of its impact on the lives of individuals, brands no longer consider social media to be just one of those mediums of communication since millennials and the younger generation treat social media platforms as their one-stop shops for all their daily needs.  

As a result of the vast increase of social media users and the shift in consumption patterns, brands have no choice but to redefine their social media strategies as more millennials and the next generation are significantly impacted by the use of social influencing.

So naturally, this affects their consumption pattern and how they see life and fashion.  

Social influencing has come to stay, and the younger generation will continue to pattern their lives based on social media terms as in vogue or trending.

Interestingly, not just individuals but also businesses see the impact of social influence.

Companies have no choice but to leverage the trends attached to social influencing to stay relevant and in the industry in today’s world.

From a marketing perspective, influencers are valuable as they are individuals who impact the rest of the population.

As a result of this knowledge, businesses tend to use these individuals to their advantage, which includes promoting their brands, products, and services to a larger audience, which will increase their sales and revenue. 

This also gives the business an image of being in vogue and up to date with what is happening on social media.

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What Platforms Are Available TODAY? Everything from Facebook to Snapchat!

The list of social media platforms is increasing daily.

The most popular ones available range from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Snapchat, including popular and common ones.

Social platforms can be categorized into the following types.

  1. Social Networking: In this category, the most popular platforms include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They are known as networking platforms because they allow users to interact with each other in various ways.
  2. Photo Sharing: Instagram and Pinterest are the most common in this category. They offer visual feeds with posts that showcase pictures and videos.
  3. Video-Sharing: In this category, YouTube tops the list. 
  4. Interactive Media: Applications like Snapchat and TikTok tops the list as they allow users to share pictures and videos. They also have a variety of distinct interactive features. 
  5. Blogging/Community Building: Tumblr, Reddit, and Medium are some of the major platforms in this category. These platforms enable social media influencers to post interesting and captivating articles on various topics. When published, these platform allows other users to share them and add to the conversation with their comments.  

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How Do Social Media Influencers Make Money?

Social media influencers make money by promoting products and services they believe in.

They may receive compensation for their endorsements, such as monetary payments or free products.

Here are several ways how influencers make money!

  • Sponsored content: This is one of the most common ways influencers make money. Sponsored content is when a company, brand, or organization pays an influencer to promote their product or service on their various platform to their audience. This can be shared on multiple social media platforms.
  • Brand ambassadorship is another way influencers make money, but this is based on relationships. Unlike sponsored content, brand ambassadorships are usually long-term relationships. The brand ambassador shares about the brand on their various social media platforms and gets featured on the brand’s social media platforms.
  • Affiliate marketing is when an influencer promotes a link to a product and receives a commission if a sale occurs. It has become one of the top ways how influencers make money.
  • Tips, donations, and subscriptions: This is another means influencers earn money on social media platforms. They post about products and services and often receive donations or subscriptions from their followers. Some influencers also offer paid services such as coaching or consulting. Social media influencers make money from three different sources: donations from their followers paid to advertise and to sell products or services to their followers.
  • Sales from live events Social media influencers make their money by selling tickets to live events or hosting live online events. They may also offer paid services such as coaching or consulting.

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In Conclusion

Social influencing has come to stay as they are a vital element in impacting lives, brands, and the success of businesses.

Individuals, businesses, and brands cannot deny the impact social influencing has had on their lives, decisions, buying power, and revenue.

It has also shown the importance of individuals promoting their uniqueness as this could be a source of income. 

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