How to be a Social Influencer and Dominate

How to be a Social Influencer and Dominate the Game?

Are you looking to be a Social influencer and dominate social media? The probability is yes. Becoming an overnight celebrity is next to impossible; Most if not all dream to be a Social Influencer and with the completion, you need to have a USP and understand from a user perspective why would they follow you?

Gone are the times when only a few could achieve fame and popularity. In this day and age, anyone could become a celebrity. With the aid of social media and an appropriate plan of action, many people have been able to build a broad audience online. These people also have some degree of control over the decisions made by their audience, especially financial decisions. They’re called social influencers. You’re probably reading this because you want to become one of them, and you don’t know where to start.

Not to worry, we’re here to help. This article will take you through the basics of social media influence and how you can become one of the best in the game. Keep reading.

First of all, it’s essential to understand a few things:


Before going into something, it’s always important to know your why. This is because doing so will help you to become intentional. For example, are you looking to build an online brand? Are you tired of your job and looking to switch to a more profitable career? Consider all this, and you’re off to a good start.


Who you are playing a crucial role in this. To top the game, you need to leverage your strengths and personality. It would help if you had your muscles to serve your audience and your character to enable you to engage them on an individual level. What are your hobbies? What do you do best? What are your skills and talents? Are you willing to share your day-to-day activities with your audience? 


Do you want to be a social influencer, or are you just following the crowd? If the former, you have to be mentally prepared to do what it takes to become one. You must be willing to pour in the required time and energy. If possible, have an Influencer role model. That would help you stay on track.


You need to set realistic targets for your brand, both short and long-term. Accomplishing these goals will take you to the top and help you stand out among your fellow social influencers.


This is where the actual work begins. A niche is a portion of the market that delivers a specific product or service. You should select a niche that is suitable for your abilities. For instance, if you’re funny and good at telling jokes, you could go into the entertainment niche. If you’re great at coding and web design, you can try tech. A few other niches are:

  • Fashion/ Beauty
  • Travel/ Lifestyle
  • Sports
  • Health/ Fitness
  • Family/ Home /Parenting
  • Dating and Relationships
  • Photography


It’s one thing to pick your niche; it’s another thing to identify, understand, and reach out to your target audience because, like it or not, your content isn’t for everyone.

Here are a few tips that would help:

  • Make use of social media demographics. For example, find out their age range and gender, location, occupation, how skilled they are with the internet, and the amount of time they spend online.
  • View your content from your audience’s perspective. Look out for anything that will drive them away. Be as critical about your product as possible. 
  • Look out for the attributes of your content that would also attract your target audience.
  • Organize voting polls to let your audience decide the kind of content they want you to offer.
  • Check the comments section under the posts of successful social influencers. People talk about their challenges there.
  • Research the keywords most frequently used by your audience. 

It is essential to keep an open mind here and listen to criticism, no matter how bad. It’s all for the good of your brand anyway.


Becoming a social influencer is not the overnight success people think. The process takes a very long while and can get frustrating sometimes. You need to stay focused and dedicated to the hustle if you’re to enjoy the benefits later. 

Even after becoming successful, you’ll still need to create engaging content to stay relevant to your audience consistently.


First of all, they expect you to be well aware of their needs and pains because that’s your selling point. Once you’ve done that, the next thing is to ensure your ideas and delivery are modified to meet only those needs. However, blending some bits of your personality with your content could make you appear genuine and help you gain the trust of your audience better.


You might be wondering why we made this a subtopic. Don’t worry; it’s just to give you a few more pointers.

  • Associate with the top Influencers in your niche. Follow their social media handles. Whatever events they go to, ensure you are there too (as long as it concerns your place)
  • Stay up to date and well informed about happenings within your niche.
  • Leverage automation tools, especially the free ones. This helps you save time and energy.
  • Put yourself out there by getting involved in forums, seminars, online discussions, etc. It’s not enough to participate, though; you have to make a good impression on the audience.

Refer to Social Blade for the Top 50 list.

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 There are tons of options out there—Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. 

However, the key here is to choose one platform where you will drop all your content. 

Selecting that platform depends on some factors. The primary platform used by most successful influencers within your domain is one. However, the platform most suited to your content and the population of your target audience on it is others. 

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In Conclusion:

These are the tips to winning the heart of your audience and attaining fame, and amassing wealth for yourself online. But, as we said before, implement them consistently and be patient. We guarantee the results will show up in time.

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