Quick Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers

Don’t know how to increase your Instagram followers? Many companies’ social media presences are built on Instagram. Your Instagram presence can be lacking if you don’t know how to improve your techniques. This is an excellent opportunity. When you have a wider audience, you have more chances to interact with them.

If your Instagram following doesn’t represent a loyal customer base that makes purchases, clicks through to your landing pages, and spreads the word about your brands to their networks, it’s all for naught.

Instagram’s algorithm is constantly tweaked to exclude low-quality profiles and interactions paid for by advertisers. The best approach to obtaining more Instagram followers is to follow these suggestions.

Make a Great First Impression with Your Profile

Having a well-planned Instagram feed, which demonstrates your specialization, is essential for attracting new Instagram followers.

You want visitors to your profile to have a clear idea of what your account is about as soon as they arrive.

Use a visual planner tool to organize your Instagram feed before publishing to ensure a consistent look that reflects your business.

  1. Buffer
  2. TailWind
  3. Preview.App

Try Instagram’s Reel

With the help of Instagram Reels, you may reach a wider audience. Both people they follow and those they don’t can offer forth high-quality material to their audience. For optimum results, use relevant phrases and hashtags in the descriptions of your Reels. Experiment with modern trends, publish before and after your product or take your fans behind the scenes of your business.

Cross-promote the content

Cross-promotion is the practice of releasing the same material on many social media platforms simultaneously. When it comes to building a following on Instagram and spreading the word about your company, this technique works wonders. Justin Bieber shared the same dance challenge on TikTok and Instagram throughout the Christmas season. More people saw his video by uploading it on two other social media networks.

See the example below of cross-promoted content on Instagram and TikTok.


When your mom almost catches you slippin😂🧡🖤 @KING BO #fyp #foryoupage #leethe4th #comedy #memes

♬ original sound – Lee

Customize your account grid

An often-overlooked opportunity to experiment with the look of your Instagram feed is to play about with the grid structure. As a rule of thumb, most of your Instagram followers will be interested in your upcoming posts and not what you’ve done in the past. By concentrating on turning visitors into followers, many accounts that use this strategy save time and money on content creation

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Ask for Testimonials

If you are a business and you’re just getting started on Instagram, having customer images in your feed will simplify getting followers. To get your first client, try reaching out to influencers in your field who have less than 5,000 followers on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. As a short-term measure, offering incentives can help you grow your brand. 

This is not a long-term strategy. Customers will automatically begin tagging you in posts when they get their purchases after they start seeing consumer images on your Instagram. A simple rule of thumb is that consumers will reciprocate if you engage with them on social media by commenting on their posts and reposting their material. Some people will automatically follow you if they see that you’ve been tagged in their post. Start spreading the word!

Posting on Time

Before communicating with others, it is good to have at least 15 quality postings up before sharing with others. Preparing a backlog of material a few days or weeks in advance of publication is the ideal strategy. You may discover that your target audience is more active and engaged at various times of the day or night.

Take the Initiative

Do you often post on Instagram? Is it common for you to like and comment on other people’s photos? People in your target market will be more likely to notice you if you do this. In addition, if you’re too active, Instagram’s algorithms may see you as a spamming bot and penalize you for it. There are a lot of unpleasant individuals out there that automate random comments to pop up on influencer channels with links to their websites, etc. Even on the PMG blog, we see things like this and remove them immediately. So, the most important thing is to maintain a level of connection that is both frequent and socially acceptable.

Get an overview of your Instagram account

Look at your Instagram account from a distance (you know, the page that has all of the squares on it). What’s not there? Is there a sense of unity here? Check to see that you have Instagram highlights set up and updated your bio information with hashtags and a current link to relevant material (e.g., your website).

To appear in search results, use keywords

You have to be found on Instagram before anybody can follow you. Instagram does not have a lot of searchable text. The only two parameters that have any bearing on Instagram’s search results are the user’s name and username.

Your Instagram handle is the same as your username. It’s a good idea to keep it the same as your other social media handles so that people can discover you more easily. People are more inclined to search for your brand using your brand name or its version.

Up to 30 characters are allowed in your name. However, it’s a good idea to add your most relevant term in the name box so that it’s easier for others to find your content using search engines.

Tip: Google “Top Hashtag for <Niche/Topic>”

Example: http://best-hashtags.com/hashtag/instagram/

Fake Followers should be avoided

It may be tempting to buy Instagram followers in the short term, but the reaction far surpasses the advantages of organic follower development. As a result, the account’s reputation is lowered, and fake Instagram followers generate little to no buzz. These bot or phony accounts will almost certainly be terminated, but in the meanwhile, your postings will seem like graveyards for engaged couples. This is also against Instagram Terms and Conditions.


You can’t just tick a box and expect to see an increase in your Instagram following. If you want to see consistent growth on Instagram, you must consistently provide high-quality material for your audience.

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